9 Ways in Which Voice Bot Can Transform Your Business Operations

Ways in which AI voice bot can transform your business operations (blog)

Have you ever wished you could clone yourself or your best employees to handle more customers and scale your operations? We bet you do.

Well, voice bots allow you to do just that by automating your business’s repetitive tasks, providing 24/7 availability, and delivering personalized and consistent customer experiences. According to a survey 84% of businesses expect to use voice technology within the next year, and 94% of them expect to be using it within two years, and your business can hop on this trend too.

In this blog, we’ll help you explore effective ways the right AI-powered voice bot solution can help you transform your business operations in 2024:

1. Handling Common Customer FAQs:

We all know customers ask the same questions over and over. Answering those repetitive queries, again and again, may sometimes make your agents feel like broken records. But voice bots can surely rescue you from the same.

Majorel predicts voice bots are going to handle approximately 69% of all customer service tasks within the next decade. By taking care of FAQs, voice bots allow your human agents to focus on more complex issues and valuable customers. Now that’s a win-win, wouldn’t you agree?

With their ability to handle unlimited concurrent conversations, voice bots can answer FAQs accurately 24/7. Hence no more frustrating hold times for your customers trying to get basic questions answered.

2. Always Available On the Go:

In today’s mobile world, convenience and instant gratification rule. Offering round-the-clock support can significantly contribute to building brand preference and customer loyalty and this is a fact we all can agree upon. For this only, solutions like VoiceGenie provide omni-channel bots accessible via phone, web, and mobile apps too. This allows your customers to get assistance anytime, anywhere rather than having to call during business hours only.

As AI voice bots handle queries across channels, your customers will seldom face the frustration of repeating information. Result? A convenient and consistent experience and higher satisfaction.

3. Scheduling Appointments with Leads:

Tired of playing endless games of phone tag with prospects? Let voice bots step in to qualify and schedule sales appointments for you with their human-like conversational capabilities.

According to Salesforce, sales rep spend less than 30% Of their time actually selling. So why not let voice bots take charge of the mundane tasks? Bots easily engage leads to gather key details, qualify based on criteria you set, and directly book meetings on your calendar. This not only increases connect rates over agents but also provides more sales opportunities.

4. Automating Lead Qualification & CRM Updates:

Don’t you wish you had a dedicated team to capture every lead interaction and automatically log it in your CRM? Voice bots are your personal lead response team rolled into one solution.

VoiceGenie bots qualify your leads in real-time conversations by asking customized questions. Promising leads that meet your ideal customer criteria are instantly flagged and added to your CRM.

Automating these repetitive manual tasks allows your salespeople to prioritize the hottest, sales-ready leads and have a shorter sales cycle too.

5. Handling Outbound Sales Calls:

Cold calling is tough. Constant rejection wears the most resilient salespeople down over time. But what if you had a voice bot to take on those tedious outbound calls and pass on the promising leads to agents?

VoiceGenie’s automated outbound system increases connect rates by running mass outbound campaigns. When a contact shows interest, the bot connects them directly to an available sales agent (if required) armed with the lead’s key details and conversation history. This human-bot combo is your dynamic sales scaling solution. Time to kick revenue into overdrive.

Pro-tip: Never ever place an automated voice bot call to a customer who never agreed to the same. This practice is termed as 'robocalling’ and can take a significant toll on your CSAT.

6. Workflow Automation:

Are mundane tasks slowing your teams down? AI-powered voice bots can take care of that too. It can automate repetitive processes like order lookups, account verification, payment reminders, and tons more.

Now how does it work? VoiceGenie integrates bots with your backend systems like CRM, ERP, or support portals. This enables them to securely access data in real-time during customer conversations to provide quick, accurate responses. For any exceptions requiring human judgment, they smoothly hand over the context to agents to resolve.

This frees up your staff making them more productive, creative, and helps them focus on tasks that actually require a human touch. Who wouldn’t want that?

7. Providing Predictive Recommendations:

Don’t you want to move customers beyond just a single purchase? Voice bots analyze past purchase patterns and behaviors of each customer to provide tailored product recommendations that make them happy.

The more customers purchase based on suggestions, the smarter bots get at predicting precisely what customers want. Over time, your business gleans goldmines of customer insights to refine marketing campaigns and inventory planning.

8. Collecting Valuable Customer Feedback:

Here’s the thing. You can’t improve customer experience without knowing what needs fixing. Continuous feedback should fuel your product and policy decisions if you really want to beat the competition.

VoiceGenie’s voice bot solution makes gathering first-hand, unfiltered customer input effortless through quick voice surveys. Want to go a step further? Enabling the bot’s sentiment analysis capability during conversations, not only helps you gauge satisfaction levels but also helps you nip issues in the bud.

9. Offering a Seamless Agent Handover:

While bots handle most simple, repetitive queries — for more complex questions, human insight is still vital. But we’ve all experienced the pain of having our context get lost when handed over from bots to agents. Not an ideal customer experience, right?

VoiceGenie fixes this bump in the road with its seamless escalation process. Bots share conversation logs to provide agents with essential background right away instead of making you repeat details. It also transfers you to an agent as and when you ask for it.

With such smooth teamwork between voice AI and your agents, voice bots deliver excellent call resolution regardless of query complexity. Now that’s how amazing customer experiences are made.

To Conclude:

We don’t know about you, but our mind is blown by seeing how voice bots innovate across enterprises of any sector and have use cases for each one of them. They not only improve your CSAT but also unlock exponential business growth possibilities.

So why wait around when the future of CX is already here? Contact us at VoiceGenie today or book a risk-free demo with our experts to drive automation and turn happy customers into your competitive advantage with AI-powered voice bots tailored to your unique needs.


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